About the Library

Library Hours and Info

Webb Prep Librarian

Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm


GPSD Library Handbook

An updated District Handbook is in progress. Check back for updates.

Vision and Mission (MDE)

1.1 Vision statement  (School Library Guide p. 7)

Create collaborative relationships between school librarians and classroom teachers which transforms the school library program into a support system that strengthens the curriculum by bridging the information literacy gap. 

1.2 Mission Statement (School Library Guide p. 7)

The mission of Mississippi’s school library programs is to assist in providing a quality education for every child by:

  • Encouraging lifelong information literacy and learning through reading and inquiry.
  • Providing an inviting, dynamic environment in which students and staff become learners capable of accessing, evaluating, applying, and sharing information independently.
  • Providing real and virtual access to appropriate, high-quality resources (print/non-print and digital formats) and services that support and enhance teaching, literacy, and learning during and outside the school day.
  • Participating in curriculum development and design of learning activities.
  • Facilitating professional development for the learning community.


    Retrieved from https://www.mdek12.org/VMSP

Circulation Policy

***Currently, Circulation is limited to Teachers and Staff ONLY.***

1.  All library materials are to be checked out at the circulation desk.

2.  A maximum of two books may be borrowed for two weeks.

3.  Students and Staff may renew materials by bringing them into the library.

Payment for Lost or Damaged Books

  • Students & Faculty/Staff are responsible for all materials checked out to them.
  • Late fees may be assessed for books that are not returned by the due date.
  • Failure to return a check-out book will result in payment for the full cost of the book.
  • A student's report card will be withheld if full payment is not received for a lost or damaged book.


If a book is damaged, please inform the librarian immediately.  Payment of fees may apply.